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The College building is currently closed and all staff are working remotely. 

College staff are available Monday-Friday, 10 am-6 pm and Saturdays, 9 am-3 pm.

UCB's main number is 617-449-7070.


For specific questions, please contact the person noted below:






Michael Taylor, President, 617.449.7037


Caitlin Callahan, Chief Advancement Officer, 617.449.7038


Mimoza Vreka, Chief Financial Officer

Karen Lucas, Business Manager, 617.449.7430
Velma Waldron, Financial Assistant, 617.449.7431

David Vera, Manager of Financial Aid, 617.449.7428
Carla Desisto, Financial Aid Counselor, 617.449.7429


Clea Andreadis, Chief Academic Officer, 617.449.7068
Jose Colon-Rivas, Early Childhood Education Academic Program Coordinator, 617.449.7069
Carmen Zayas, Academic Advisor, 617.449.7066

Arlene Ramos, Alumni Outreach & Professional Development Coordinator, 617.449.7067

Stevie Billow, Learning Resource Center Coordinator, 617-449-7044

Louis Danastorg, Learning Resource Center English Tutor, 617-449-7044
Bill Sullivan, Learning Resource Center Math Tutor, 617-449-7044
Elizabeth Salazar, Interpreter, Notary Public, 617-449-7044
German Miranda Henriquez, Program Associate, Learning Resource Center, 617-449-7044



Maryela Fiscal, Director of Student Affairs, 617.449.7380



Keiko Broomhead, Chief Student Services Officer, 617.449.7041

Alexander Wolniak, Registrar, 617.449.7039

Rebecca Aponte, Enrollment Coordinator, 617.449.7042




Ana Cordero
Division Chair, Early Childhood Education
Boston State College, M.Ed.
University of Puerto Rico, B.A.

Carmen Zayas
ECE Faculty/Advisor
New England Conservatory of Music, M.A.
University of Puerto Rico, B.A.


Fiona J. Almeida
Middlesex Community College, AS
Wellesley College, BA
Tufts University, MPP

Dr. Carmen Alvarez
Boston College, PhD
Wheelock College, M.S.
Suffolk University, B.S.

Mateus Barbosa, MS, M.Ed.
Cambridge College, M.Ed.
Springfield College, MS
University of Mass/Dartmouth, BA

Dr. Susan Bartzak-Graham
Northeastern University, Ed.D.
Suffolk University, M.S.
Regis College, B.A.

Adzele Benoit
Wheelock College, MSW
Wheelock College, B.S

Caroline Boutte-Thompson
Lesley University, M.Ed.
Grambling State University, B.S.

Valerie Brathwaite, LICSW
Boston College, MSW
UMASS Amherst, BS

Jamie Buskey
Wheelock College, M.Ed.
Boston College, BA

Kelley Cabral
Wheelock College, M.Ed.
UMass Dartmouth, B.A.

Dr. Dolores C. Calaf, Ed. D.
Northcentral University
Emerson College, M.A.
Sacred Heart College, B.A.

Sonia Carter
Eastern Nazarene College, M.S.M.
Simmons College, B.S.

Min Chen
University of Oregon, M.A.
China Foreign Affairs University, B.A.

Michael Connolly
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA
Dartmouth College, B.A.

Elizabeth Castro
Cambridge College, M.A.
Cambridge College, B.A.

Olive Chukwuanu
Eastern Nazarene College, M.Ed.
University of Massachusetts/Boston, B.S.

Zaida Cochran
Cambridge College, B.A., M.A.
Urban College of Boston, A.A.

Ethel M. Cruz
University of Massachusetts/Lowell, M.Ed., CAGS
State University of New York/New Paltz, B.A.

Karen Ann Cullen
Lesley University, M.Ed.

Bernadette Davidson
Lesley University, M.A.
Boston University, B.A.

Rebecca A Davidson
University of Pennsylvania, MFA
Massachusetts College of Art and Design, BFA

Gloria Davila
Cambridge College, M.Ed.

Miguel De Los Santos
Wentworth Institute of Technology, B.S.
Urban College of Boston, A.A.

Luz O Del Valle
University of Puerto Rico, BA
Universidad del Turabo, MA

Shiona DeCarvalho
Springfield College, BS
University of Illinois, M.Ed.

Jane Deon
Florida International University, M.F.A.
Rollins College, B.A.

Dr. Bessie DiDomenica
Walden University, Ph.D.
Simmons College, MBA
University of Colorado at Boulder, B.S.

Kendall Driscoll
Boston University, M.M.
Furman University, B.M.

Jenny Dunne
Boston University, M.A.

Olivia G. Dybing
Regis College, B.A.

Carlos Espendez
Cambridge College, M.M.G.
University of Turabo, B.A.

Deborah Fauntleroy
Columbia University, M.S., M.S.W.
Syracuse University, B.A.

Blanca A. Figueredo

Dennis Flanders
Simmons College, MLIS
Boston University, MA
Boston University, BA

Mei-Hua Fu
Lesley University, M.Ed.
National Taiwan Normal University, B.Ed., M.Ed.

Dawn Fuentes-Holgate M.S,, M.Ed , C.A.G.S. (MH)
Springfield College M.S.,
Cambridge College M.Ed, C.A.G.S. (MH)

Valda Gabriel
Lesley University, M.Ed.
Lesley University, B.A.
University of Massachusetts, PMC.

Matilde Graciano
Wheelock College, B.A.
Cambridge College, M.A.

Nicholas J. Gregorio
Massachusetts Maritime Academy, M.S.
Salem State University, B.S.

Kenneth Grout
Emerson College, M.A.
Drake University, B.A.

Adriana Guerra
Wheelock College, M.S.
Feevale, Brazil, B.A.

Danielle Grow
Wheelock College, M.S.

Barbara Hamilton
Loyola University of Chicago, M.S.W.
Cambridge College, M.Ed.
Berkshire Christian College, B.A.
Jack Harari
Hunter College, M.S.
Brooklyn College, B.A.

Alvin Helfeld
University of Massachusetts/Boston, M.A.
Brooklyn College, B.A.

Rosemary Hernandez
Southern New Hampshire University, M.S.
Southern New Hampshire University, M.B.A.
University of Massachusetts/Lowell, B.A.

Carol Hilliard
Wheelock College, M.S. Ed.
University of Alaska, B.A.

Brenda Huggins
Western Connecticut State University, B.A.
Emerson College, M.A.

Yu Ping Jian
Ben-Gurion University, M.Ed.

Dorothea Keeling
Cambridge College, M.Ed.
Cambridge College, B.A.

Kristen Kennedy
Lesley University, B.S.
Cambridge College, M.Ed.

Martha Kingsbury
University of Massachusetts/Boston, M.A.
Brandies University, M.F.A.
Heidelberg College, B.A.

Zhanglin (Lynn) Kong
Tufts University, M.S.
Hong Kong Univeristy of Science and Technology, B. S.

Dr. Oscar Lazo
Catholic University of Chile, Ph.D.
Catholic University of Chile, M.S.
Concepcion University of Chile, B.S.

Riola Lazo
University of Concepcion, M.Ed.
University of Concepcion, B.A.

Dr. Danielle Leek,
University of Iowa, PhD
University of Iowa, MA
Grand Valley State University, MBA
Eastern Michigan University, BA

Odette Lopez
Inter American University, BA, M.Ed.

Chew Lee Lim
Boston University, M.Ed.
National Taiwan University, B.S.

Wendy Luk
Boston University, M.Ed.
University of Hong Kong, B.S.

Dr. Dawn Mackiewicz
Northeastern University, Ed.D.
Suffolk University, M.P.A.
Suffolk University, B.S.

Elizabeth Maglio
Catholic University, M.S.W.
Boston University, B.A.

Flavia Marconato
Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, Psya.D. M.A.
Universidade Estadual de Maringá, B.S.

Joselyn Marte, MSW
City College of New York, BA in Psychology
Hunter College School of Social Work, MSW

Dr. Allison Matthews
Nova Southeastern University, Ed.D.
Boston University, M.Ed.
University of Massachusetts, B.A.

Myrna Melchore-Scott
Bridgewater State University, M.S.W.
Boston State College, B.S.Ed.

Carole B. Mikelson
University of Massachusetts, Boston, M.A.
University of Massachusetts, Boston, B.A.

Florence Mitchell
Cambridge College, M.Ed.
Cambridge College, C.A.G.S
Rhode Island College, B.A.

Frank Montresor
University of Iowa, M.F.A.
Hampshire College, B.A.

Maria Amy Moreno
University of Massachusetts, M.A.
Eastern Nazarene College, M.Ed.
Universidad del Sagrado Corazon, B.S.S.

James Morgan
Simmons College, M.A.
University of Missouri, B.A.

Sonia Munoz-Benavides
Lesley University, M. SPEd.
Lesley University, B.A.

Miluzka Muñoz-Noriega
Cambridge College, M.Ed.
St. Augustin College, B.S.

Jessica Murphy
Leslie University, M.Ed
College of Holy Cross, B.A.

Peter Newman
Loyola University School of Law, LLM
Massachusetts School of Law, JD
Muhlenberg College, BA

Dr. Tom Nolan
Boston University, Ed.D.
Boston University, Ed.M.
University of Massachusetts Boston, B.A.

Linda Palmer
Boston University, B.A.

Dr. Leslie Oliver (Ret.)
Boston University, Ed.D.
Boston State College, M.Ed.
Northeastern University, B.S.Ed.

Dr. Everest Onuoha
Boston University, Ph.D.
Boston State College, M.S.
University of Massachusetts, B.A.

Karen Osarenkhoe
Lesley College, BS ECE
Springfield College, MS OML

Edward Pazzanese
Wheelock College, M.S.
Massachusetts College of Art, B.F.A.

Rebecca Pecor
Wheelock College, M.S.
Wheelock College, B.A.

Erica Pike
Northeastern University, MS
Drexel University, BS

Chantal Ragucci
Lesley University, M.Ed.
Curry College, B.A.

Ada Ramos
Nova University, EdD
University of Massachusetts, Lowell, M.Ed, CAGS.
Elementary Education, InterAmerican University, PR, BA

Arlene Ramos
Cambridge College, M.S.
Cambridge College, B.S.

Alessia Reis DaCruz
University of Massachusetts, M.A.
University of Massachusetts, B.S.

Lilliam Rivera-Garcia
Cambridge College, M.A.
Cambridge College, B.S.

Margaret Ronan
University of Mass. Boston, BS
Boston University, MCJ
Harvard University, MBA

Rita Rzeuzuski
Wheelock College, M.S.
Boston University, B.A.

Anthony Sammarco
University of Massachusetts/Boston, B.A.

Militza Semidei
University of Massachusetts/Amherst, M.Ed.
University of Massachusetts/Amherst, B.A.

Martha Shea Smith
Wheelock College, M.S.
University of Massachusetts/Amherst, B.S.

Dr. Emilia Varona-Vicente
Boston College, Ph.D
Worcester State University, GAGS
University of Santiago de Compostela, MA
University of Puerto Rico, BA

Nicole St. Victor
Wheelock College, M.S.
Assas Paris, B.A.

Aracelis Sullivan
University of Massachusetts, M.Ed.
Catholic University of Puerto Rico, M.A.
Catholic University of Puerto Rico, B.A.

Bruce Tait
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, M.A.
University of Massachusetts-Lowell, M.A.
Curry College, B.A.
Quincy College. A.S.

Pamela Thompson
Simmons College M.A.T
Simmons College B.A.

Kathleen Torosian
Wheelock College, M.A.
Salem State University, B.A.

Lenore Tsikitas
Columbia University, M.P.H.
Wesleyan University, B.A.

Charles Virga
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, CAGS
Specialization: Evaluation/Action Research
Emmanuel College, MA
Boston College, M.Ed
Stonehill College, BA

Kim Vu
Simmons College, M.A.
Simmons College, B.A.

Diana Watson-Phillips
Wheelock College, M.Ed.
Wheelock College, B.A.

Lisa Weinstein
Simmons College, M.S.
Northeastern University, B.A.

Darnell Thigpen Williams
Harvard University, M. Ed.
Boston University, B.A.

Whitney Wilson
Tufts University, M.A.
University of Utha, B.A.

Paola Tineo
Simmons College, MA
Smith College, B.A.

Jack Wickwire
Ithaca College, B.A.

Kevin Wong
Northeastern University, M.S.
University of Massachusetts Amherst, B.S.
University of Massachusetts Amherst, B.A.

Paul Shu Sing Wong
University of Hong Kong, M.Ed.
University of Liverpool, B.Ed.(Hons.)
Education University of Hong Kong, T. Cert, Adv, T. Cert.
United States Sports Academy, Int’l Sp. C. Cert.

Lingxi Yi
Tufts University, M.A.
Renmin University of China, M.A.

Myrna L. Zayas
Urban College, A.A.
Springfield College, B.S.
Springfield College, M.S.

Christy Zarrella
Boston College, M.Ed.
St. Joseph College, B.A

Carmen Zayas
New England Conservatory of Music, M.A.
University of Puerto Rico, B.A.

Xian Zhang
Tufts University, M.A.



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